Pluto - Safety PLC

Simplify design and alterations of safety systems!

Safety PLC - Pluto

Pluto is an "All-Master" safety PLC concept, which simplifies the design of safety systems and achieves the highest safety category 4 according to EN 954-1.

All Pluto's are Master units and can see the other Pluto's inputs, outputs and global memories. This enables the Pluto to evaluate the information from the other Pluto's and it can then take decisions concerning its own safety.

Gateway units are available for several different bus systems, i.e. Profibus, CanOpen and Devicenet. Of Pluto´s inputs (the smallest unit has 16 I/O), several inputs can be configured as both inputs and outputs. In the Pluto family most modules have dual safety outputs - potential free or PNP. In a two-wire bus system up to 32 Pluto units can safely be connected and communicate with a superior system via a Gateway or via HMI displays. In a maximum extended system 1472 I/O's can be connected. On all inputs components may be connected in series for even more complexity and optimization.

Safety PLC Brochure (PDF)