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LAM Technologies is pleased to announce the availability from stock of a complete range of high torque stepper motors at competitive prices.

The standard NEMA flanges allow to quickly apply the motors also to already existing systems with an immediate benefit in performances and costs.

The available torques goes from 0.2Nm up to a 21Nm. A particular mention must be deserved to the code M1233070 which maintaining a standard flange NEMA23 is able to supply more than 3Nm of static torque.

The constructive care and the materials quality make the LAM Technologies stepper motors the best choice for all the applications requiring reliable, performant and economic stepper motor.

M11730xx Brochure (PDF)
M12330xx Brochure (PDF)
M13430xx Brochure (PDF)
M14330xx Brochure (PDF)