Dataman 7500


Barcoding - DataMan 7500
DataMan 7500

DataMan™ 7500 Series readers provide the complete range of products and features for any DPM application. DataMan 7500 and 7550 readers meet the most challenging DPM applications, while the DataMan 7500LR and 7550LR models are ideal for applications requiring a wider field of view or longer reading range.

All DataMan 7500 Series readers include the capability of data validation. (DPM=Direct Part Marking)

Reliable Code Reading for Many Industries

Automotive Parts Packaging Pharmaceuticals Document Handling and Sorting Electronic Components
In this application, a 2D code laser-etched onto a fuel injector is read. DataMan readers are ideally suited to a wide range of packaging applications. DataMan ID readers provide accurate reading of multiple code formats in a single view. The DataMan is perfect for sorting documents, envelopes, and more. Electronics manufacturers use DataMan readers to identify boards and components.
BarCode Scanning Brochure (PDF)