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Touch Screen Terminal - Beijer
Beijer Terminal
Our complete portfolio of HMI products enables you to meet your specific HMI needs. You can rely on a world-leading provider with more than twenty years of experience in developing and marketing HMI products.

Operator terminals:

Award-winning design and cutting edge technology. A future proof choice for your machines and processes. Keypad and touch terminals from 3.5 to 15.0 inches.

Valuable, fundamental HMI functionality. A flexible product serie that enables you to pay for the level of HMI technology you need. Keypad and touch terminals from 3 to 10.4 inches.

A well-proven product series, implemented in machines and processes all over the world. From small text displays to 10.4” touch displays. Will graduallly be replaced by EXTER.

Exter Touch Screen Brochure (PDF)
H Series Brochure (PDF)